About Poole

Poole Commercial Fuels provides essential petroleum products and services to
commercial and industrial businesses.   To be successful in today’s competitive environment,
companies must extract every bit of value possible from the dollars they spend in their
operations. Companies must continually look at their suppliers and ask if they are receiving
the best solutions possible.  With over 20 years experience,
Poole can assist you with an
evaluation of your current supply situation and if necessary, suggest potential improvements.

Poole Fleet is a member of the CFN and FUELMAN cardlock networks. We understand the
issues involved with running your fleet efficiently and cost effectively. Our team of
experienced professionals can analyze your company’s off-site/on-site fueling needs and
recommend a solution that increases the efficiency of your fleet, improves your control over
fuel costs and reduces the administrative time in managing your fuel information.

Poole Bulk Fuels utilizes high-quality, dedicated common carriers, and a network of bulk
plants to serve the needs of commercial and industrial machine operators, fleets, cities,
wholesale and retail fueling stations, contractors and others throughout Southern California.
Our focus is to provide the most reliable and customer-oriented service possible. If you need
bulk fuels from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons for any application or have the ability to store and
dispense fuel in our marketing area,
Poole can help you.

Poole recognizes the impact petroleum product supply has on your business and helps you
manage this precious resource to allow you to focus on other demands in your business.
Our goal is to help you run a better business.