Manage Your Fleet 24/7

With CFN, fleet operators are in the driver seat! CFN can
offer you unsurpassed technology to efficiently and cost
effectively run your fleet. With Internet capabilities, you can
determine where a vehicle has fueled seconds after the
transaction! Our
LIVE system offers daily reporting of fuel
No more waiting for essential information that drives
your fleet.
Statements become the back-up, not the bible of a
fleet's fueling activity offering you total fuel management.
You're in control!
Immediate lockout of cards!  Lost a card?  No
problem with convenient internet access, YOU can
prevent unauthorized usage.
Time of day and day of week fueling restrictions.  You decide when you want
your drivers to fuel. No more off-duty after hours or weekend fills!
Product Control.  You control what product is authorized for each card.  Diesel only?
Regular unleaded?  You decide!
Transaction limits and gallons per transaction limits.  Eliminate or reduce the
chance of fueling personal vehicies.  
Online access to your account information 24/7 via the Internet from your home or
Has your fueling card called you lately?  

Every time a selected
CFN fuel card is authorized, declined
or the sale is complete, an e-mail can be sent to a
designated pager, cell phone or computer. It's called
Card Watch and it's just one of the many security and
tracking features offered
only by CFN.

CFN can reduce, even eliminate misappropriation of fuel
usage.  Take control of your fleet with

Call our toll free number 877- 88Poole to learn
more, or apply today.